Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 4, Autumn 2019 

Original Article

1. Synergistic antibacterial effects of methanolic extract of Melissa officinalis L. and Mouthwash Vi-one on Streptococcus mutant and Streptococcus sanguinis

Pages 57-60

Ali Asghar Faraji; Khosro Issazadeh; Samaneh Rouhi; Fatemeh Zaboli; Bita Khasi; Jalileh Ebnabbas

Case report

2. Rigler's triad in gallstone ileus

Pages 61-63

Mohsen Rajabnia; Mahsa Mohammadi; Danial Dehbandi

Letter to editor

3. Social media and health policy

Pages 64-65

Firouzeh Jahanpanah; Masoud Behzadifar; Nicola Luigi Bragazzi

Original Article

4. Comparison of serum level of toxoplasma gondii antibody between patients with multiple sclerosis and healthy people

Pages 66-68

Hooshmand Choobdarian; Mohammad Bagher Khadem Erfan; Ghasem Zamini; Poorya Foroutan; Ashkan Faridi; Khoroosh Javan; Yadolah Zarezadeh; Namam ALi Azadi

6. Social support and its role in the prevention of depression and anxiety during pregnancy in Turkmen women

Pages 75-80

Narges Rafiei; Mostafa Amini Rarani; Fahimeh Eizadi; Hassan Rafiey; Navisa Sadat Seyedghasemi