Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2018 

Original Article

Toxoplasmosis in Hemodialysis and Healthy Individuals in Shush County, Southwest of Iran

Pages 122-126

Somayeh Fallahizadeh; Mohammad-hosein Feizhadad; Forough Kazemi

Comparison of Epstein - Barr virus Antibodies in the serum of patients with Multiple Sclerosis and normal people in Sanandaj, Iran

Pages 127-131

Poorya Foroutan; Yadolah Zarezadeh; Hooshmand Choobdarian; Ashkan Faridi; Namam Ali Azadi; Mohammad Amin Boshagh

Mental Health Status of Employees of Salah al-Din Ayubi Hospital in Baneh

Pages 132-135

Naseh Ghaderi; Bita Khasi; Chiman Ghaderi; Seyed Hamid Hoseini; Nooshin Yoshany; Serweh Ghaderi; Mohammad Ahmadpour

The relationship between parenting styles with the aggression of their children in sanandaj primary students

Pages 141-147

Karo Servatyari; Fayegh Yousefi; Hajar Kashefi; Mohammad Pedram Bahmani; Maryam Parvareh; Sahar Servatyari

Review article

Role of nutritional supplements in military personnel: a review article

Pages 155-161

Karim Parastouei; Hosein Rostami; Tsvetelina Velikova; Meysam Alipour